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Welcome to this campaign dealie we’re screwing around with. So setting, huh?

Once upon a time, in the future, civilization as we know it, or knew it, suffered a cataclysmic calamity resulting in what amounts to an infinite parallel dimension pile up. Hypothetical realities collided with this one and created Gamma Terra: mutated memorial of yesteryear, quasi-primitive playground of the present. This wonderwasteland now has all the inhabitants from all the alternate realities scraping together side by side to survive and going toe to toe to tentacle to talon to thrive.

Standing atop Echo Ridge a mountaineering mutant with decent sensory perception could look out East, a cross the vast Orange Desert and scattered Ishtarian ruins, to see the edge of the savage Flowerlands, where dandelions and mushrooms grow disconsolately dense and tower six stories high. Along the distant horizon to the North lies the silhouetted skyline of the contested city of Canzod; once reclaimed by nature, now bitterly fought for by a contingent of the formidable and infamous Ranks of the Fit. Still further to the South, impossibly thick dark purple plumes of smog rise steadily from Arjzna; the resurrected industrial necropolis now serving as the obligatory wretched hive of scum and villainy. Lastly, and probably justly so, the view to the West, some foothills featuring one of the ubiquitous ruins of a pre-apocolyptic temple where the cult of that odd demigod has been revived.

Where to next? What will happen? Who knows? Don’t look at us, we’re only along for the ride.

This campaign is set in Gamma World, 4th (but _really _ 7th) Edition. Going to take a stab at the sandbox, play by ear, toolbox, node planning, thing.

Home Page

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